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sharing (12/6/94)

i left you
so easily
like straining
too hard
to hear
you worn voice
hold your worn hands

as I pat myself on the back
for my efforts
I fly through your life
with little regard
for person

who taught me this?
why am I like that?
so easy to fly
make a new friend
new connections
carry so little baggage
but they never wait
on the end of a phone
for a long dark night of the soul.

my efforts
to learn
better care
of friends
yeild wisdom
my impenetrable
flit and fly
smile wide
so seldom
is touched

if I can't believe
your waiting patience
your belief in me
leaves me a less noble man
his friends beyond
his myopia
and all his busy about
to create flutter for whom?

when left with me
and given nothing
to stay only charity
for whom?
my loss of understanding
where others fail
to match my transgressions
and when forgotten
I pick up a phone
to be shocked
and soon dismayed
to find
an eager lad
rediscovering your beauty
from a thousand miles away

and I already finished with him!
that boor!
nothing but
safely convey
abdominal voorheaves
my reactions
to one such as I
leaving littered loads
of memories and surprises

and it comes again
down to this
with whom will I share
my birthday
where will I be
for theirs?

- J. Hall

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